Awesome collaboration

I’m releasing a remixed single early in March and lucky me I had the opportunity to have a professional engineer critique both my mix and master.

Objective opinions, and getting feedback from a professional who has been in the biz for many years, is incredibly useful taking me to my next step. Throwing yourself into this situation pushes you and it’s an important part of evolving as a producer.

Narita-san, has been doing his thing as a sound engineer for many years ( Pro Tools ). I am grateful to have the time for him check out my (Logic Pro X). In the end it was a very fulfilling day. Opinions, suggestions and debating, all part of the program. And ever thankful to Narita-san, as I picked up a few tips and ideas that I will incorporate into future work.

Now it’s back to my studio, a little polishing and soon my remix will go to global distribution! 🙂


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