Everyone knows that Japanese cuisine is fabulous. There is no meal in the world that can beat Japanese food!

Japanese food culture…..

Please don’t let it disappear! I pray that it will not disappear.

I have been praying for it more and more these days.

By the way,

Have you ever thought about how to cope with nervousness?

Here’s what I want you to do when you feel nervousness in your body and mind.

To wake up from hesitation or confusion is called ‘awakening’, isn’t it?

You say to yourself, “I am awakening now. I am in the middle of it’.

Imagine yourself as a brilliant, awakened person.

Then say, “I am awakened, I can do it, I can do it, let’s go”.

It is as if you are awakening a sleeping soul. Imagining ‘awakening’ to your fullest potential is an allusion to taking you out into the invisible third dimension.

A similar word is ‘excitement’.

However, the word ‘excitement’ can also mean a feeling of nervousness, which can be biased towards a feeling of being nervous. Personally, I hesitate to use it. I don’t want the brain to take it as uncontrollable. I want excitement to simply be an image of the moment when you want to leave, like a wild animal. I wonder if it’s a word that captures that moment of emotional high.

I would dare to choose arousal, which is a word of release that combines calmness and relaxation on top of that, including excitement and elation. In this light, awakening can be positioned as a word that builds another higher level of creation, free from emotional highs.

You can consciously define the feeling of tension as awakening in a rational and intelligent way.

You can free your body and mind from stress.

We human are  based on intelligence, wisdom and  knowledge. History reminds us that it was only when we were awakened that there was development. Using this little bit of awareness, I used to be able to use my work with music and travelled all over the world to lead me to relaxing days and to help me in many other ways.

Words are subtle because they are invisible. But that is also why they have an unfathomable power and are magnificent, even soulful.

Manipulate the spirit of words.

Let’s release yourself from tension!

Be content with better way of life!!