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Dr. Sawa & my music

It’s been exactly one month since my album “Shonan Twilight” was purchased by Sawa Internal Medicine Diabetes Clinic. So, I asked for Dr. Sawa’s honest impressions of introducing my music to his Diabetes Clinic. The following are the words of the director, Mr. Sawa. “It’s a very beautiful album. The insertion of natural sound effects […]

Calm music for a Dental Clinic

  It was my plan that my album “Shonan Twilight”, which was completed with the image of music that helps relieves stress and give comfort. Yuta Hoshitani, the director of the medical clinic  “Hoshiya Dental Clinic” , who downloaded and purchased my album “Shonan Twilight” the other day, sent me such a wonderful email. “I […]

This Christmas 2020

  Thrilled to announce I will be performing my original pieces, popular seasons covers and Christmas music at The Royal Park Hotel 70F Sky lounge Sirius on December 25, 2020. Music 🎹 begins at 6:00pm and will go until 11:00pm. This is a by reservation only event, so please book through Royal Park Hotel Yokohama. […]

Upcoming release – Kaze

My upcoming release “Kaze” is a stylish blend of genres such as; Modern Classical, Contemporary Piano, Urban Classical and Japanese International fusion. This instrumental is 70 BPM – the same as the human heartbeat that reflects a gentle calmness. Please enjoy and write me your thoughts of “Kaze” 🙂      

Netease Cloud Music, China

With help from my awesome music distributer and in particular a big thanks to Ms. Nina Condron of “Horus Music UK.”,  all of my current and future releases 🎹 will now be available online on;✨ NetEase Cloud Music, China. I am looking forward to introducing 🎶my Modern Classical music from 🇯🇵Japan and my Japanese Fusion works to […]

Canada sale!

  Absolutely thrilled at having overseas sales for my Modern Classical double CD “Shonan Twilight”. A 🇨🇦 Canadian fan recently received my double CD and she tells me that her and her husband love my music. She plays it often when cooking a feast or when she’s just relaxing on the patio with a glass of […]

Oboro sheet music is available FREE

One of my 20 tracks on my double CD “Shonan Twilight” bringing  the total sheet music tracks to 15  now available at my web shop. Currently my scores from Shonan Twilight are played by a wide range of people, including those who like to play the 🎹 piano, those who have recently started playing the […]

Sawa Clinic & my music

Today, I delivered my double CD “Shonan Twilight” to my latest medical client Dr. Sawa of Sawa Internal Medicine Diabetes Clinic in Kanagawa Prefecture, a busy and successful provider of diabetes treatment . Dr. Sawa Tasuku, is known not only as a diabetic specialist offering prompt and polite medical care but also a Doctor that […]