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Updated 2021 version of Koibitoyo

Koibitoyo is a famous masterpiece of Showa Kayokyoku. Mayumi Itsuwa, who was a big hit in the 1980’s. As a young girl at the time, I didn’t know what the deep meaning of this song. It was the first encounter with this song that impressed me as a child when it was a sung with […]

Thank you Horus Music

2020 is gone and 2021 is here! Looking back on 2020, it was a year of focusing on music production and music distribution and global marketing. Beginning with songwriting, I have to do all the work related to music registration to music distribution stores and music distribution myself. Even digitally, there is a process in […]

Please join my Newsletter

Thank you for visiting my website. 😊 And everyone who regularly checks the blog page, I would like to continue to post fresh information, so please look forward to it. 🤝🙏🏻 Thanks to you, this year has been the busiest year in visits to www.akikohori.com since our launch 3 years ago. ✨ Of course in […]

New single – Oboro

Oboro (Oboro) was released December 15th. It seems that the vague memories of my childhood and the memories that we Japanese naturally remember from ancient times in our daily lives. I tried to sprinkle that sound everywhere. When Japanese people listen to it, they may feel nostalgic because it contains sounds that they have heard […]

My latest release is Izanai

Izanai  – in English it translate as  – inviting Coming this November 24th This is my 15th piece released this year! Covid has allowed me to focus on my music and working in my studio everyday is a joy. Not many weeks left until the end of 2020, but I will continue to release my new […]

Dr. Sawa & my music

It’s been exactly one month since my album “Shonan Twilight” was purchased by Sawa Internal Medicine Diabetes Clinic. So, I asked for Dr. Sawa’s honest impressions of introducing my music to his Diabetes Clinic. The following are the words of the director, Mr. Sawa. “It’s a very beautiful album. The insertion of natural sound effects […]

Calm music for a Dental Clinic

  It was my plan that my album “Shonan Twilight”, which was completed with the image of music that helps relieves stress and give comfort. Yuta Hoshitani, the director of the medical clinic  “Hoshiya Dental Clinic” , who downloaded and purchased my album “Shonan Twilight” the other day, sent me such a wonderful email. “I […]

This Christmas 2020

  Thrilled to announce I will be performing my original pieces, popular seasons covers and Christmas music at The Royal Park Hotel 70F Sky lounge Sirius on December 25, 2020. Music ? begins at 6:00pm and will go until 11:00pm. This is a by reservation only event, so please book through Royal Park Hotel Yokohama. […]