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Sun Princess in France

5/26 After sailing through Lisbon, Portugal, Vigo, Spain and Sun Princess docked in France. About 80% of the city Le Havre was destroyed in World War II. St. Joseph’s Church, which has been registered as a World Heritage Site is a tall building that stands out among reconstructed city. Although cold and cloudy, I enjoyed […]

Sun Princess in Lisbon, Portugal

4/22 Noon Sun Princess has arrived in Lisbon, Portugal! Lisbon is famous for salmon food. In the daytime, while exploring the city, looking for canned olive oil in cans. Tonight is a day off for me so naturally I wanted to have dinner in town, so I went to a restaurant famous for their cod […]

Malaga Spain

Málaga is one of the best summer resort towns I can think of to enjoy this 4/21. Sun Princess is in Spain and the second Spanish city on our tour, this is the home town of the painter Gogh. Lots of open space and beautiful city views. I was impressed by the relaxed mood of […]

Sun Princess in Cannes & Barcelona

Visited 5/18 Cannes then the next day, 5/19 Sun Princess called at Barcelona for the day. The city of Cannes was a bustling crowd of tourists and filmmakers, as it was in the midst of the Cannes Film Festival. It was a pity that I could’nt take many photos because I had to return to […]

Sun Princess is in Rome

Sun Princess finally arrived in Rome, the third Italian City on our cruise. From the huge Colosseum  arena past Piazza Navona-Pantheon to the Trevi Fountain, I spent the afternoon following the ancient Roman history of St. Peter’s Basilica of the Vatican City and the Grand Hall of Tourism. I”m performing tonight so the tour was only […]


The JTB world cruise of 5/14 on Sun Princess I just performed a show with the Sun Princess band in the massive Vista lounge. Usually I play solo in Crooner’s lounge but after a month it was time to play with the band in a big house 🙂 Support and warmhearted audiences and the awesome […]

The city of Saints

4/15  – Sun Princess arrived in Bari Italy. To the church of Saint Nicholas, where St. Nicholas is said to be the origin of Santa Claus is enshrined. After taking in a walking tour around the old town, I spent the rest of the day of walking around the city while enjoying a pistachio panini, which […]


Sun Princess has arrived in Venice, Italy. The weather was a bit cold with rain but, it’s Venice so I definitely wanted to have a look around.  The second day it was still raining as I enjoyed listening to the Italian mochi of the boatman while enjoying the city view from the gondola. After Venice […]

Sun Princess arrives in Croatia

4/11 Sun Princess has arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Although the city has been rebuilt there are a few  scars from the terriable war 30 years ago. Now the country is vibrant and full of peace. I was lucky to enjoy a beautiful time here 🙂