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8/2 Diamond Princess has landed in Aomori We arrived at the Aomori Port on the first day of the Nebuta Festival. I am so excited to see the Nebuta Matsuri Festival for the first time in my life! I hope this festival lasts forever!  🙂  

Checking out the venue

Today checking out Diamond Princess “Explorer Lounge”. It’s all in preparation for my upcoming trio show. The Explorer Lounge is considerably larger than the Crooner’s so I’m planning a much larger sound with a trio or maybe a quartet. This should be a lot of fun!  🙂 Stay tuned…  

Vladivostok, Russia!

7/31 The last day of July and I’m in Russia! Diamond Princess called on Vladivostok, Russia. The atmosphere of this peaceful city on the East European entrance from Japan is very impressive. Time to go, I hope to explore much more in the future 🙂  

Music from my Live shows

I have a new page on my website devoted to my LIVE performances on Princess Cruises. Please visit often as I will constantly be updating with new LIVE performance while I’m performing aboard Diamond Princess. Thank you everyone for your support! 🙂  

5 Years with Princess Cruises!

I became a Guest Entertainer of Princess Cruise beginning in 2014. Wow! It’s already been 5 years since I first joined Princess Cruise! Princess Cruise awarded me a certificate of recognition as an appreciation of  5 years of  performing aboard princess Cruises ships. And there have been many of them; Sun Princess, Sapphire Princess, Diamond […]

Once again onboard Diamond Princess!

On July 18th I  finally completed the World Cruise on “Sun Princess”. 🙂 Now from July 19 I will be performing  onboard Princess Cruises, “Diamond Princess” for next 159 days. I’ll be here right up until Christmas! Very exciting cruise as we will be touring throughout my home country Japan and Asia. Please join us […]

After 34 ports in 23 countries…home!

7/16 Finally we arrived in Yokohama after a long seven day voyage from Alaska. Two more days and the Around the World JTB Sun Princess Cruise will be completed in Kobe. Although the trip now seems to have passed very quickly, during this time I have seen much and learned so much more. 😉  

A Princess Cruises Meetup!

7/3 On the 3rd of July the JTB Sun Princess World Cruise arrived in Juneau, Alaska. Looking out of my cabin’s porthole I saw that Princess Cruise’s Royal Princess was also here.It’s rare that ships of the same company to be docked side by side here in the midst of the Alaskan island chain. I can’t miss […]

Alaska and glaciers

The world cruise of Sun Princess passed through California then Vancouver, Canada and now we are in Alaska. 7/4 For the first time I saw a glacier in Alaska. There were so many seals swimming around the glacier and you could taste the fresh mountain air. Nature at it’s fullest! 🙂

Special meeting in Los Angeles

The around the world cruise of Sun Princess has recently travelled from the Caribbean, to Mexico and now we are on the American west coast working our way north to Canada and beyond. 6/25 Arrived in Los Angeles As with Southampton U.K. I’ve been very lucky to catch up and in some cases finally meet […]