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Creative day in Shonan

As if my prayers were answered, to be able to spend my afternoon quietly and peacefully. I really need this when I’m dreaming up new songs and music. Today’s weather in Shonan, Japan is wonderful and to add to it, Mt. Fuji made a rare appearance. 🙂 With the sun and a light breeze off […]

Awesome collaboration

I’m releasing a remixed single early in March and lucky me I had the opportunity to have a professional engineer critique both my mix and master. Objective opinions, and getting feedback from a professional who has been in the biz for many years, is incredibly useful taking me to my next step. Throwing yourself into this situation […]


Remixing a Japanese classic

Which song do you think is the most popular song in my album “Reborn” that I released in 2018? It is the cover song “Koibitoyo” which means “Lover”. “Koibitoyo” was a hit song of the Showa Kayo era and is well known in Japan. Just as with the original song, in my version I sing in […]

I will answer your question

Thank you everyone for reaching out to me with your concerns. I will answer your question here… “When was the last time Akiko was onboard Diamond Princess?” Last year from from April 10 2019 to July 18 2019, I was onboard Sun Princess. Afterwards, I boarded  Diamond Princess from July 19, 2019 to November 29, 2019. As of […]

Thank you for your concern!

“Isn’t the luxury cruise liner Diamond Princess docked at Yokohama Port under quarantine?  It’s been all over the  news since last night, are you onboard? Are you OK?” Thank you all very much for your emails and texts. 🙂 Please don’t worry about me. “I’m enjoying ground life as much as I can without boarding […]

Logic Pro X workshop with David Nahmani

I successfully completed a fantastic intensive four day Apple Logic Pro X workshop in Los Angeles hosted by Logic Pro X Master  –  David Nahmani Thinking back to the day I first started making music after reading David’s book, now I wrapped a dreamlike four days. I was so impressed with the course and David’s insightful […]

Los Angeles with Logic Pro X!

Speaking of a major event in the new year early this year! I’m attending a four-day Apple Logic Pro X workshop. My wish has finally come true. Lecturer David Namani is the author of Apple’s Logic Pro X certification exam materials and coutless Logic Pro books. There are many ways to learn Logic, but if you […]

Apple! My word for 2020

The first time in my short life to enjoy such a huge apple! It was a big job for one but I did it and it was very delicious! 🙂 Well, here we are just another 10 days in 2019 and then 2020 is a go. What’s the plan for next year? Every year, I’m evolving […]

27 Countries

27 countries … I counted the number of countries that I visited in 2019. However, I think the total number of countries in the world is approximately 19,6 27. Speaking globally, it means that there are so many more worlds and people yet to explore. So, even after scratching the world countries, these words came […]