Akiko Hori | Composer and Producer

Akiko Hori | Japanese Neo-Classical & Crossover Classical Music

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Akiko Hori | Japanese Composer, Producer and performer of Japanese Neo-Classical and Crossover Classical Music.

Akiko is a highly gifted and experienced performer. She transports audiences across a broad spectrum of wide range musical styles. Her musical education began at the early age of five. Studies of great classical masters led her to the prestigious Music College of Nagoya in Japan where Akiko graduated with a Bachelor of Piano. Akiko continued her piano studies by performing in a variety of music genres. She established a successful career performing from 2001 in; Japan, Singapore, Macau, China and Australia. 

Beginning in 2019, after performing live for more than 20 years, Akiko started another adventure, by creating her own studio where she is now focused on composing, producing and performing her own special blend of Japanese Neo-Classical Music. Performed with many exotic instruments of Japan; Koto 20, Shakuhachi, Kabuki, Noh Percussion, Shamisen combined with a Steinway Piano and a full Orchestra range brings listeners a new and unique classical fusion of music styles seldom heard outside of Japan.

In 2020 Akiko released in Japan her popular debut double CD “Shonan Twilight”, 20 pieces of Akiko Hori original Neo-Classical Healing Music.

Beginning in 2021 Akiko Hori signed as an INRI CLASSIC Label Artist.

Akiko Hori is a member of the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers