A Princess Cruises Meetup!


On the 3rd of July the JTB Sun Princess World Cruise arrived in Juneau, Alaska.

Looking out of my cabin’s porthole I saw that Princess Cruise’s Royal Princess was also here.It’s rare that ships of the same company to be docked side by side here in the midst of the Alaskan island chain. I can’t miss this, so I immediately searched my connections (laughs) and I was soon able to score a tour the Royal Princess.

The ship was built in 2013 and has all the latest technology and she is a massive 141,000 tons, that’s almost twice the size of Sun Princess that I’m currently aboard with the JTB World Cruise.

Each of the 17 Princess Cruise ships has unique features and characteristics, and the Royal Princess is no exception with it’s still “new” smell. 🙂

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