5 years with Princess & our escort

Sun Princess left Dubai and called on Oman on 5/2.

Now we are heading towards the Suez Canal. We are taking anti-piracy measures as we travel through the Red Sea towards the Suez Canal, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force warship Asagiri is our perfect companion escorting Sun Princess all the way. This is very encouraging! I’m sure we can pass safely.

And I want to give it as an important event of this week. That means I received the New Year on board. It is a deep memory event in my history. One more thing, a big event of the week. Since becoming a guest entertainer for Princess Cruise in 2014, I received a certificate for the past five years of service. Oh, it’s already been five years 🙂

And I was surprised to receive a certificate. Thanks! Deep emotion!! Today is only possible with a lot of support. Thank you 🙂

*sorry due to our satellite connection I could only send small pictures 🙁

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