27 Countries

27 countries … I counted the number of countries that I visited in 2019.

However, I think the total number of countries in the world is approximately 19,6 27.

Speaking globally, it means that there are so many more worlds and people yet to explore.

So, even after scratching the world countries, these words came to my mind,

“seeing is believing ”


“Ignorance is a sin”

It was a trip that focused on time to prepare for the training and the future and to realistically accept the current state of the world. It’s my luck to know this reality  and I was also amazed at what I learned.

During the trip, I repeatedly encountered scenes where I could not help asking myself, ” What is this?”

Traveling around was a great time to review the values ​​of my life, but it wasn’t. . .

Song: Ihogin
Diamond Princess
At Crooners Bar

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