The clearer you are about what you want to be and what you want to do, the richer your subsequent life and mind will be.

You only live once in this life.

Only when you have a desire, you can begin to work toward it straight from the heart. I think that is good.

I think it is important to continue and to take things gently and carefully without being in a hurry.

Try to face your life.

Eventually, the universe will be on your side, and you will be able to live a rose-colored life.

I will go forward with confidence, even if there is no evidence to support it.

Knowing the risk
Accept and acknowledge your true feelings.

Then a little hardship and negative feelings now will become nothing.

Everything can be moved in any way depending on how you look at it, and you can create the course of events for yourself.

After all, once you begin to experience the forces from the universe at work, you will begin to feel that things are going to go easier.

We have the soul power to respond to the universe.

Try to have the great power of the universe as your ally.

Sprinkle yourself with magic through the way you think and perceive yourself.

Sprinkle the magic of courage.

Sprinkle the magic of a special life on those around you.

Eventually, the wheels of your destiny will begin to move.

May it all work out for you.

May your life be wonderful!

May your wishes come true!