Akiko hori


Akiko Hori is originally from Japan.
Akiko is a highly gifted and experienced performer.She transports audiences across a broad spectrum of musical styles ranging from Jazz,R&B,Classical,Latin and Contemporary standards.

Her musical education commenced at the age of five.Studies of great classical masters led her to the prestigious Music College of Nagoya in Japan where Akiko graduated with Bachelor of Piano.

Akiko continued her piano and vocal studies to incorporate Jazz,Blues and Latin American Music.

Her extensive vocal repertoire includes influential artists such as Etta James , Nina Simone , Aretha Franklin and Sade through to Ray Charles.

Excellence in musical skills, keyboard and vocals combined with an appealing personality, grace and style have made Akiko a consistent draw card for many 5 Star Hotels.

With a history of an established successful career in Japan, Singapore,Macau and Australia.
Akiko continues to perform nationally and internationally.

Akiko will provide excellent entertainment and prove to be a sound investment for your venue.

Since 2014, Akiko has been based on exclusive luxury cruise ship as a guest entertainer for Princess Cruises.
During each contract with Princess Cruises,she has regularly appeared as resident pianist/singer at Crooner’s Lounge and enjoying the sea life currently.

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